8 Top Best Mini Chainsaw Products to Reshape Your Yard

Best Mini Chainsaw

Hey folks, if you’re not going to fall lumberjack-worthy trees and trying to find some handy cutting aid for small projects around your property or campsite, you’re at the right place. We assessed a variety of best mini chainsaw collections from various brands based on battery life, power, ease of use, price, cutting performance, etc., to cull out the best ones for you.

Here we have the best mini chainsaw on the market, including the best mini chainsaw for a woman, for pruning, for carving, the best mini chainsaw for firewood, the best small chainsaw for limbing, and a best small chainsaw for home use.

So if you’re in dire need of the safest small mini tools with incredible power and reliable prices, go nowhere and look at these mini tools from our collection. Your decision after going through our list of mini chainsaws will be fruitful enough. And if you’re a beginner, remember to check the buying guide section to ensure that what you need is the perfect fit.

Let’s get straight into the details.

Best Mini Chainsaw List at a Glance

Product Brand Weight Power Source Chain Length
DEWALT 20v DEWALT  1 Pound Battery Powered 12 inches
Matika XCU04PT1 Matika 21.9 Pounds Battery Powered 16 inches
Worx WG322 Worx 6.19 Pounds Battery Powered 10 inches
Ryobi P546 Ryobi 5.8 Pounds Battery Powered 10 inches
Sun Joe SWJ803E Sun Joe 7.9 Pounds Corded Electric 10 inches
BEI& HONG chainsaws BEI& HONG 1.54 Pounds Battery Powered 6 inches
RLSOO 4-inch cordless mini saws RLSOO 2.4 Pounds Battery Powered 4 inches
Milwaukee M12 Milwaukee 4.1 Pounds Battery Powered 6 inches


Detailed Look on the Best Mini Chainsaw

If you’re looking for a reliable mini, saw to cut through branches and brush, check out these top picks from Amazon.

Best Mini Chainsaw with Great Runtime-DEWALT 20v

Key Features

Best Mini Chainsaw
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  • Brand: DEWALT 
  • Power Source: Battery Powered 
  • Horsepower: 550 watts 
  • Item Weight: 1 Pound 
  • Bar and Chain Length: 12 inches
  • 90 cuts per charge 
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium Ion battery included 
  • Voltage: 20 

Dewalt tools are unbelievable in terms of being super light and maneuverable. With its great runtime, cutting tasks go uninterrupted for at least 90 cuts per charge.

The best thing is that it is super light, portable to carry around, and involves no maintenance. These compact machines work like a champ for outdoor work because it is lightweight and provides maximum control and no fatigue experience.

In addition, its brushless motor facilitates excellent battery timing and durability. Plus, it is a low kickback mini chainsaw that is safe for women and beginners.

Moreover, this small chainsaw is also perfect for cutting branches and other outdoor cutting jobs.

With tool-free tensioning and easy chain resharpening, you get more productive results. Similarly, interchangeable batteries also enhance your productivity, facilitating long working hours uninterrupted.

Mess-free operation without being worried about fuel mixing, and thanks to its ergonomic construction, there is no oil leakage even if you have a full oil tank.

User Experience 

DEWALT DCCS620P1 is not a cutting beast but trust me, this is the best addition to your tool inventory that can quickly chop down mid-size fruit trees and large shrubs. With this tool, you can redesign your backyard without any fatigue. The only downside is that it is not made to cut down large trees.

  • Easy chain resharpening
  • Quieter
  • Does not leak oil
  • Light & easy to handle
  • Good balance
  • Chain brake works excellently
  • Sturdy, powerful saw
  • Good runtime
  • Not for cutting large trees

Makita 18v – Best Top Handle Mini Chainsaw 

Key Features

Best Mini Chainsaw
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  • Brand: Makita 
  • Power Source: Battery Powered 
  • High-Efficiency Brushless motor 
  • Variable speed trigger 
  • LED battery level indicator 
  • Quickly charges up 
  • Item Weight: 7.2 lbs 
  • Built-in lock-off lever 
  • Built-in On/Off switch 
  • Front Hand Guard 
  • Bumper spikes 

Matika XCU04PT1 is not going to replace your Husky 16-inch gas, but with that being said, it’s a capable lightweight little saw. This light-duty little torque monster can work its way through wood in small to medium cutting ranges but try to avoid falling large trees with it. The tensioner is cool; it’s a paddle wheel that is easy to use and better than the ones on gas saws.

The best part is that the system requires no tools at all.

The saw feels long compared to a 16-inch gas, but it’s also lighter, allowing you to hold it further to do finer cuts. These tools have good balance, too; the battery life is surprisingly long, the oil system is incredible, and they have efficient brushless motors. The coolest part of this saw is how quiet it is compared to a gas saw; it’s hushed.

There is a lot to love about this small chainsaw. As an electric saw, it has instant on and no pull cord, and no messy gas/oil mixtures. It is a perfect combo of power and innovation that is further aided by a variable speed trigger for improved cutting speed.

User Experience 

“It’s a quality piece of gear that I regret not buying sooner, and the 16″ size seems suitable for general homeowner use,” says an Amazon shopper.

  • Large oil reservoir
  • Lightweight
  • Good balance
  • Fast charge time
  • Easy to clean
  • Not a heavy-duty tool
  • Blade locks up constantly

Worx – Best Mini Chainsaw for Women & Aged Persons

Key Features

Best Mini Chainsaw
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  • Brand: WORX
  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Horsepower: 3.2 hp
  • Item Weight: 6.19 Pounds
  • Bar and Chain Length: 10 Inches 
  • Auto chain tension 
  • Auto chain oiler 
  • Fast chain speed 
  • Battery indicator 
  • Lightweight

Worx WG322 works well by cutting branches and is an excellent tool for small jobs. It is lightweight and equipped with an auto lubrication system which lowers the wear and tear of the chainsaw chain and increases the tool’s life. The interchangeable batteries facilitate uninterrupted cutting and enhance productivity.

Moreover, fast chain speed makes the process super quick and works easier without any stress. With a battery indication system, you know how much juice is left, so you always know where you stand and can easily manage your job.

 In addition, the auto chain tensioning system ensures you always have the correct tension for the job at hand. Likewise, the auto chain lubrication system makes the process smooth and efficient and extends the tool’s life span. It is a compact and lightweight tool, only weighing 6.2 lbs making your work fatigue less and with less strain on your hands. Similarly, the 20-volt power share battery is comparable with the batteries on heavy-duty Jawsaw, circular saw, and hydro shorts, so it is strong enough to handle common backyard chainsaw projects like chopping tree limbs.

Moreover, you can extend its functionality by purchasing the pole saw attachment to gain up to 10 ft of reach for tasks you cannot achieve with a simple chainsaw.

 Using this small chainsaw, there are no worries about starting; pull the trigger, and Bingo. In addition, the battery life of the tool is fair with the included battery, but if you want to spend more time in the field, you can order more batteries. Overall, it is a perfect product and recommended for more portable cuttings.

User Experience 

Worx WG322 mini chainsaw can be your dream tool if you’re an older person or woman. Best to cut wood and shrubs and is ideal if you want to camp out. This little trimmer easily cuts up to 3.5 – 4 inch diameter limbs. The run time of the tool is fair enough if you are not planning to run it for long, hard, cutting hours. 

Some drawbacks that may annoy you are clumsy chain tensioning and oil leakage, but if you have some knowledge of these tools, you can handle them wisely.

  • Ergonomic grip
  • Easily maneuverable
  • Great tool for occasional yard jobs
  • Perfect for ladies
  • Easy chain install
  • Affordable
  • Perfect camping saw
  • Clumsy tension maintenance
  • Oil leakage
  • Limited battery life

Ryobi P546 -Best Cordless Mini Chainsaw

Key Feature

Best Mini Chainsaw
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  • Brand: Ryobi 
  • Item. Weight: 5.8 Pounds
  • Push-button oiler 
  • Side access chain tensioning
  • Bar and Chain Length: 10 Inches

The Ryobi P546 is the best chainsaw for anyone who wants a tool ready to take any job around the yard. This cordless chainsaw is lightweight and easy to handle, making it perfect for trimming around the yard or in small spaces.

The handle design and battery positioning make it better suited to ground-level pruning. Additionally, it is more affordable than spending 600 dollars or more on a brand like Stihl. For pruning, I recommend getting a Ryobi saw with a handle above the center of gravity.

Furthermore, side access makes the chain tensioning easily accessible during the operation. Some things that may bother you are the manual oil pump and oil leakage that makes the process laborious and messy. Keep the towel near you to absorb the leaking oil to avoid a messy procedure. Furthermore, to prevent the quick dullness of the chain by regularly clearing the dirt and debris from the tool.

 These battery-powered chainsaws are terrific for small jobs like removing tree branches, trimming, and even felling small trees. You can also use this for cutting small dead trees that fall during storms.

User Experience 

Ryobi is perfect for small pruning tasks around your property. It can last up to 4 hours of pruning and is almost ready to use right after out of the box. We pruned a 4-inch log quickly with this small tool. It also even facilitated chopping up dead trees for storm cleanup. The only annoying thing about this small chainsaw is its oil leakage; otherwise, it is the best tool overall.

  • Lightweight
  • Compact design
  • Starts immediately
  • Best runtime
  • Good portable chainsaw
  • Battery and charger not included
  • Minor kickbacks
  • Oil leaks

SunJoe SW803E-A small chainsaw for Homeowners

Key Features

Best Mini Chainsaw
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  • Brand: Sun Joe
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Horsepower 1 hp
  • Item Weight: 7.9 Pounds
  • Bar and Chain Length: 10 Inches 
  • Multi-angle pole chainsaw 
  • Telescoping up to 15 ft overhead reach 
  • Warranty: 2 Years 
  • Powerful 8 Amp motor 

Sun Joe small electric chainsaws are excellent for homeowners who want to cut overhead branches quickly. This mini tool is easy to assemble and is way better than one expects with mini tools.

This pole saw is suitable to manage tasks at about 6- 8 ft and reasonably safe to use, but if you need better upper body strength, handle it carefully; otherwise, it would just be a recipe for disaster.

Moreover, its blade cuts quickly and is recommended for a DIY homeowner for its excellent crafting abilities. Its 8 amp powerful motor can tackle branches up to 9.5 inches thickness, and its head adjusts from 0° to 30° so it can do jobs at different angles easily.

Your overgrown trees are now its problem because Sun Joe SWJ803E is a robust device that can handle even very stubborn tree limbs without a mess. Auto oiler keeps the chain lubricated and safe from wear and tear. In addition, safe to use with no accidental start and starts with a push of a button.

The only drawback of this saw is that it is non-detachable and can only be used as a pole saw. 

User Experience 

It is the best small chainsaw for limbing and efficiently performs various grooming tasks with comfort and less strain with the best shearing capabilities.

  • Runs quietly
  • Perfect for little saplings
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Overhead reach
  • Sharp chain
  • Friendly for older people who can’t handle heavy gas pole saws
  • Not detachable
  • The grip cover is not durable

BEI & HONG- Compact & Easy Tool on Budget

Key Features

Best Mini Chainsaw
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  • Brand: BEI & HONG
  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Horsepower: 80 Watts
  • Item Weight: 1.54 pounds
  • Bar and Chain Length: 6 Inches
  • Chain Speed: 19.2FT/S 
  • Two pack 21V,3000 mah lithium-ion batteries 
  • Copper wire motor 
  • After-sales warranty

BEI& HONG chainsaws are battery-powered equipment that is efficient enough to take only 4 seconds to cut a log with a diameter of 6 inches. These small but mighty tools are best for beginners and professionals to craft creative ideas efficiently. The cordless 6-inch saw has an ergonomic grip and high-performing capabilities to make your work easier and help you maintain your tool arsenal on budget.

These mini power tools are lightweight and compact enough to deal with one hand efficiently, and the best thing is that these are effortless for women to control and use for prolonged times without any fatigue. Moreover, two rechargeable 3000 mah Lithium-ion batteries provide a long run time that can cut branches continuously for about 30 to 40 minutes. The batteries are equipped with self-overload and a temperature protection system that prolongs much longer battery life.

Similarly, German-made chains are made of high-quality material. These small chainsaws have a rotatable protective baffle and a safety splash guard to protect you when cutting or trimming branches. Likewise, it also has a safety lock button that must be pressed simultaneously with a trigger to start the saw to prevent the accidental start of the device. To keep the motor’s temperature within the normal range, the equipment is designed with ventilation holes that enhance the service life of the motor and make the work safer and more stable.

User Experience 

These little monsters can cut down out-of-control bushes, huge bird of paradise trunks, and small trees and do almost every small to the medium cutting task. These small but mighty tools are really unique and worth buying.

  • Fast operation
  • Long runtime
  • Efficient motor
  • Blessing for arthritic hands( lightweight)
  • It came with safety goggles, gloves, and two chains
  • Chain stays tight
  • Best mini chainsaw for women
  • It does not have an automatic oiler

RLSOO – Small but Powerful

Key Features

Best Mini Chainsaw
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  • Brand: RLSOO
  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Horsepower: 550 Watts
  • Item Weight: 2.4 Pound
  • Bar and Chain Length: 4 Inch 
  • High-quality guide chain 
  • Multiple protection systems
  • Versatile tool 
  • Two batteries 
  • Pure copper motor 
  • Heat dissipation design 

RLSOO is a brand that believes in innovation, committed to creating lightweight, efficient, and high-quality garden tools. This is one of the best small chainsaws that brings joy and convenience to your daily yard work.RLSOO 4-inch cordless mini saws are a durable yet safe tool.

This small chainsaw has a pure copper motor that is faster and more efficient. The mini handheld tool has a protective baffle that prevents sawdust from splashing, making the operation safe. 

The electric chainsaw is equipped with a high-quality alloy chain, which is fast, smooth, and wear-resistant. Moreover, adequate ventilation and heat dissipation design prevent the motor from damage, making the motor life span longer. In addition, heat dissipation and effective ventilation systems make it demanding among crafters who want a stable and more efficient tool. Similarly, the two batteries provide more power and meet your requirements for longer outdoor projects. Besides these, this tool can be used for various wood-chopping jobs, including farming, branching, cutting small logs, bush pruning, gardening, park, forest pastures, orchards, greenhouses, etc.

 The good thing about these power tools is that they come with 1x mini chainsaw,2x batteries, one toolbox, one wall charger, one nut driver, one screwdriver, one brush & 1x user manual.

User Experience 

RLSOO  saw cuts well through the branches; you can easily cut 3- 4 inches of branches with this tiny cutting assistant, albeit it is slower than larger trimmers can do. It is easily handled one-handed and far better than compound branch loppers, which require two hands and a bit more room to get leverage. Overall this saw performs surprisingly well.

  • Long runtime
  • Compact & lightweight
  • Portable
  • One handheld operation
  • Ideal for multiple tasks
  • Best small chainsaw for women
  • Best bang for your buck
  • Great customer service
  • Convenient for an aged person and also

Milwaukee M12- Perfect Tool for Small Trees Clearance

Key Features

Best Mini Chainsaw
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  • Brand: Milwaukee
  • Color: Chrome
  • Blade Material: High-Speed Steel
  • Surface Recommendation: Metal
  • Power Source: Battery Powered 
  • Brushless motor 
  • REDLINK PLUS Intelligence
  • REDLITHIUM XC 4.0 Ah Battery 
  • Item Weight: 4.1 Pounds 

The Milwaukee M12 pruning machine is a dream tool for those looking for essential cutting tools for older people and women. And you know it beats the hell out of the larger corded Homelite electric chainsaws you may have. There is no contest.

 Moreover, it is capable of doing more than a pruning saw. It makes clean and precise cuts, has a safety button to prevent accidental activation, and is equipped with a friendly plastic covering for the blade when it is not in use. 

 The best thing about this smallest chainsaw on our list is that you can handle it with one hand and control it easily without any fatigue. It is small enough for tight spots and almost has no kickbacks when used from the top down.

 Weighing less than 5 lbs and featuring a compact design. The cordless pruning saw gives you increased control and maneuverability in tight access areas. Furthermore, the POWERSTATE brushless motor delivers the power to complete cuts in challenging hardwood materials. Similarly, the Redline + intelligence system enables full-circle communication between the tool and battery, providing you with an unmatched performance, protection, and productivity level. Moreover, the electronic package also delivers an instant throttle response and a variable speed trigger for better control over the power range.

 Similarly, like all other features, this smallest chainsaw from our reviewed products is equipped with a full house chain, easy access chain tensioner, automatic oiler, metal bucking spikes for better grip, and onboard storage for the scrench.

 The only drawback you may feel about the device is its battery could be more comfortable to remove.

User Experience 

This miniature chainsaw easily takes care of small trimming jobs and is easy enough to work without getting tired. The best thing is that it is easy to manipulate places where a lopper or manual secateurs is useless—overall good besides battery removal, which is a bit tricky.

  • Almost no kickbacks
  • Well made
  • Enough power
  • Works without overheating
  • Automatically feeds the oil
  • Lightweight
  • Small enough for tight spots
  • Difficult to remove the battery

Mini Chainsaw- A-Boon-or-a-Bane

  • Mini chainsaws are compact tools with powerful motors that make them ideal for trimming trees or clearing debris. They also allow you to cut smaller items, such as twigs and branches.
  • Mini chainsaws are mini tools perfect for homeowners who want to cut wood or shrubs without carrying full-size chainsaws.
  • Campers and hunters often use them to cut through trees and bushes without having to take around full-size chainsaws.
  • These mini tools are cheaper than larger chainsaws.
  • Large gas chainsaws need more maintenance and space.
  • They are most suitable for DIY users.
  • Mini chainsaws don’t need a fuel tank full of fuel mixtures, and their motors are smaller and lighter and can be used in various situations.
  • Generally quieter than larger chainsaws.
  • Small battery-powered chainsaws have no fumes and hence are environmentally friendly.
  • Due to their lighter weight, they are 100% portable.

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