7 Best Chainsaw Chains For Hardwood in 2023

What kind of best chainsaw chains for hardwood should I get? There are so many options out there. Which ones are worth buying?

Chainsaws are essential tools for cutting wood. They come in various sizes and power levels. The type of chainsaw chain you choose depends on the size of the saw you want to cut wood with.

Choosing the correct chainsaw chain is crucial because they wear down over time. If you replace them regularly, you can avoid damaging your saw or even breaking it.

A Glimpse of the Best Chainsaw Chains For Hardwood

Product Bar length Drive link Gauge
SUNGATOR 18-Inch Chainsaw Chain SG-S62 18-Inch 62 Drive Links .050
Oregon S56 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain for 16-Inch Bar 16-Inch 56 drive links .050
Poulan/weed eater 051338 Poulan Pro 18 inch .050
Oregon D72 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain for 20-Inch Bar 20-Inch 72 drive links .050
Stihl Chainsaw Chain- 26RS68- 18 Inch, 68 Drive Links 18 Inch 68 Drive Links .063
KAKEI 16 Inch Chainsaw Chain 55 Drive Links Fits Stihl 16 Inch 55 Drive Links .043
STIHL 26RS 81 Rapid Super Chainsaw Chain 20 inch 81 drive links .63

Detailed Review of the Best Chainsaw Chains for Hardwood

SUNGATOR 18-Inch Chainsaw Chain SG-S62-Best Chainsaw chains for Hardwood

Key Features

Best Chainsaw Chains For Hardwood
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  • Brand: SUNGATOR
  • Chain Type: Semi Chisel
  • Compatibility Options: Craftsman
  • Gauge: .050
  • Bar Length: 18 inches
  • Drive Links 62
  • UL approved
  • Germany imported steel 
  • Semi-chisel

SUNGATOR 18-inch chain is semi-chisel chain that is best chainsaw chain  for hardwood, softwood, dry wood,dirt-laden wood, and frozen wood. Although they cut lower than complete chisel chains, they are safe and best for beginners because they have less risk of kickbacks that are dangerous to health.

Pack of Three 

 The best thing about these chainsaw chains for hardwood is that they are the best budget-friendly choice if you are looking for low-budget chainsaws. They are less expensive than other brands and come in a pack of 3.

German Imported Steel 

 It is made up of German steam with a lower carbon content, making it more durable and allowing it to hold a sharp edge longer without the need for sharpening. In addition, it is resistant to corrosion and rust, making it a great fit when working with moist or frozen wood and in an atmosphere where humidity is higher than expected.

Chrome Plated Chain cutters 

  Likewise, Chrome plated chain cutters make this high performance saw durable, help it stay sharp for longer, and improve wear resistance.

Strong Rivets 

Furthermore, heat-treated and quenched rivets increase their strength by hardening the material, which builds a stronger connection between chain links and prevents early damage.

User Experience: You can easily cut through tree branches using this chainsaw. It is better than some big-name brands, and this is a reasonably good product for the price.

  • low kickback
  • Compatible with many chainsaw brands
  • Fits perfectly
  • Effortless cutting
  • Anti-rust material
  • Average lifespan

Oregon S56 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain for 16-Inch Bar

Key Features

Best Chainsaw Chains For Hardwood
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  • Brand: Oregon
  • Chain Type: Low Profile
  • Compatibility Options: Oregon
  • long-lasting chrome outer layer
  • Built-in Lubri-Tec automatic oiling system 
  • Low vibration 
  • Low kickback 
  • 56 drive links 

There are many different  chainsaw chains for hardwood on the market today. Still, the Oregon  Chains for 16-Inch chainsaw bar offers a superior best chainsaw chain that will serve both professional and occasional users well for a long time. With less downtime and maintenance, this chainsaw accessory will change your wood-cutting experience. What more you can get is here in detail.

Superior Quality:

They are built with a superior quality, durable chrome outer layer for maximum strength and longevity. This 56-drive link low-kickback chain is compatible with Makita, Echo, Husqvarna, Wen, and other brands. The superior strength and precision design of the Oregon S56 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain instill confidence.

Pattern and Cutters:

This chain’s narrow cut pattern and pre-sharpened cutters make it an excellent choice for cutting through wood quickly, efficiently, and with minimal input. Its 56 drive links and narrow-cut pattern make it an ideal choice when speed is critical.

Reduced Kickback:

Additionally, the Oregon S56 reduces kickback significantly to ensure user safety. Chainsaw users of all types will benefit from the excellent quality and design of the Oregon S56 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain for a 16-Inch Bar length.


This best chainsaw chain for hardwood is an excellent option for anyone looking to make quick work of tough cutting jobs. It provides the strength and reliability needed to complete even the most difficult tasks quickly and safely.

Built-in Lubri-Tec automatic oiling system

Moreover, its built-in lubri tech features reduce wear and tear and increase the tool’s lifespan. Plus, it makes the process smooth and hassle-free because manually lubricating the device is unnecessary, saving time.

User Experience: Oregon is one of our favorite brands for chains because they last longer. It is a low kickback chain that is slower than other chains but is handy for novice users. And best suited for our yard clean up and occasional felling of small trees.

  • Affordable
  • Safe for novice users
  • sharp and well made
  • fits perfectly
  • no vibrations and cut smooth
  • automatic oiling system
  • Low cutting

Poulan/weed eater 051338 Poulan Pro

Key Feature

Best Chainsaw Chains For Hardwood
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  • Brand: Poulan 
  • Country of origin: USA 
  • Durable construction 
  • Replacement part 
  • Twin corner cutters 
  • ⅜ Pitch 
  • Notched bumper drive link with chamfer chisel cutters
  • Gauge: 0.050 

A great chain saw replacement chain for DIY or professional use, this Poulan Pro 18″ Chain Saw Chain Replacement Tool has a 3/8″ pitch and .050 gauge, so it works well with most saws.

Strength and Performance:

With a 3/8″ pitch and.050 gauge, this chain saw cutting chain provides high performance and precision. Its heat-treated alloy steel body ensures long-lasting sharpness and superior cutting performance in all standard chain saw applications.


Its advanced cutters are made of high-quality carbon steel, which offers increased durability and dependability in all scenarios. The hardcore cutter teeth are designed to stay sharper for longer and provide maximum shear efficiency, while the slim symmetrical shape enables kickback reduction.

Reduced Kickback:

The low-kickback design of these best chainsaw chains reduces the likelihood of accidental injury. Furthermore, its low-profile cutters feature diamond cutters that extend chain life and improve cutting performance.


This chain is easy to install and fits many brands of saws, making it an ideal choice for anyone who needs reliable and long-lasting cutting performance. Whether you’re a professional or starting, the Poulan Pro 18″ Replacement Chain Saw Cutting Chain is an ideal choice for your next project.

User Experience: According to buyers, it is a great replacement chain that fits as it should, and fast shipping is another great option if you want it in a hurry, so don’t miss the chance to get this best chainsaw chain for hardwood to complete your tasks quickly. 

  • Fits amazingly
  • Cuts wood adequately
  • Easy to install
  • Great price
  • Sharp blade
  • Get dull quickly

Oregon D72 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain- Best Chainsaw Chains for Hardwood under Budget

 Key Features

Best Chainsaw Chains For Hardwood
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  • Brand: Oregon
  • Chain Type: Semi Chisel
  • Low kickback chain
  • 72 drive links
  • Heat-treated semi-chisel chain
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Built-in Lubri-Tec automatic oiling system
  • Pitch: 3/8 Inch
  • Gauge: .050 Inch (1.3 mm) 

Oregon is a well-known brand in the chainsaw industry for producing many chainsaw accessories. Oregons Chains are those that are well-built and last longer than you expect. Oregon D72 is a great and reliable tool compatible with many brands, including Husqvarna chainsaws, Poulan , Stihl, Makita, etc.

Designed for Homeowners & Professionals alike

Oregon D72 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chains are a great chain if you’re looking for a heavy-duty tool for home use. It stays sharp and is an excellent value for the money. Similarly, it is a perfect tool if you are looking for commercial cutting or logging or if you are an arborist. This is a heavy-duty chain that is designed for most legendary brands.

Heat-treated semi-chisel chain 

Moreover, its heat-treated semi-chisel chains are the best fit to cut through hardwood and logs waiting to be cut for firewood. Likewise, it keeps you from going dull quicker, so there is no need to look for a new replacement soon.

Built-in Lubri-Tec automatic oiling system 

In addition, its automatic oiling function lubricates the moving parts adequately to work like a champ. Furthermore, the lubri tech feature also increases the lifespan of your tool and maximizes its efficiency.

User Experience:  It best fits Husqvarna chainsaws; it cuts through firewood trees like butter! A recommended item! And fast shipping from the seller! It is another big plus to save time.

  • It cuts like a champ
  • Fair price
  • Perfect fitting
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Hardened rivets
  • Chrome coated blades
  • Best fit for Husqvarna and Stihl
  • Not for beginners
  • Not fit to some brands like Poulan and Echo

Stihl Chainsaw Chain- 26RS68- 18 Inch, 68 Drive Links

Key Features

Best Chainsaw Chains For Hardwood
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  • Brand: Stihl 
  • Pitch: .326 
  • Gauge: .063 
  • Material: Steel 
  • Bar length: 18 inch 
  • Item Weight: .01 ounce 
  • 68 Drive links 

Even the most demanding cutting situations are not a problem with this chain. It is designed for professional use and will provide outstanding results. Stihl 26RS68 is an ideal tool for hurricane debris removal in emergencies. And you will not believe how sharply it can chew through a 10-inch log in no time. Further benefits you can get from this renowned brand chain are here.

Durable and Smoother Experience:

Furthermore, with a .325 pitch and .063 gauge, the Stihl Chainsaw Chain-26RS68 chain has 68 drive links that measure 18 inches. Chisel cutters with raker teeth provide an ergonomically designed cutting experience, while large chisel cutters provide a smoother cutting experience.

Reduced Kickback:

Similarly, these best chainsaw chains for hardwood also have a low kickback design for improved security. This chain is also heat-treated for enhanced durability and to guarantee that it still has its sharpness over time.

Fast Cutting Speed:

Finally, the Stihl Chainsaw Chain-26RS68 is an excellent choice for tackling complex cutting tasks due to its fast cutting speed and improved stay-sharp design. In a nutshell, the Stihl Chainsaw Chain-26RS68 is a perfect choice for producing quick and safe cuts.

Power and Performance:

Its 18-inch length, 68 drive links, .325 Pitch, and .063 gauge construction provide power and performance that professional users can rely on. It is a reliable and robust choice for anyone looking for a high-quality saw chain that can handle even the toughest jobs.

User Experience: This Stihl chainsaw chain is easy to install in about 2 minutes, including removing the washer. Plus, you will not believe “it chewed through a 10-inch log in no time, “says an Amazon shopper. It Zipped through oak maple and cedar perfectly, but it can sometimes go dull fast.

  • Hard teeth
  • Semi-chisel
  • Saves time
  • Stay sharp longer
  • Easy to install
  • Need to be oiled and sharpened

KAKEI 16 Inch Chainsaw Chain 55 Drive Links Fits Stihl

Key Features

Best Chainsaw Chains For Hardwood
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  • Brand: KAKEI 
  • 55 Drive Links 
  • Pack of 3
  • Fits Stihl, McCulloh models 
  • Gauge: .043 
  • Pitch: ⅜ 
  • Chain type: Semi-chisel 
  • Germany steel 
  • Japanese Chrome plated technology 
  • It comes with protective oil 
  • Resist corrosion

The KAKEI 16 Inch Chainsaw Chain 3 Pack is perfect for tackling your most challenging tasks. These heavy-duty, professional-grade chain links are designed to fit most Stihl and McCulloch models.

Durable and Reliable:

This durable and reliable chain is designed with a .043″ gauge and a 3/8″ LP pitch, making it ideal for use with Stihl and McCulloch models. The .043″ gauge is made with premium quality steel built to last, while the 3/8″ low profile pitch provides a smooth cutting action.

Speed and Lifespan:

Moreover, these best chainsaw chains for hardwood also feature 55 drive links engineered to maximize both the cutting speed and the life of your chainsaw. With its pre-ground design, this chain will give you clean, efficient cuts every time.

Heat-treated Construction:

With its heat-treated construction, the KAKEI 16 Inch Chainsaw Chain 3 Pack is built to last long. This chain features an oiling groove that allows for consistent lubrication of moving parts, reducing wear and tear on your chainsaw. The KAKEI 16 Inch Chainsaw Chain is designed to meet the toughest standards, so you can be sure it will easily handle any cutting job.

High-quality materials:

Likewise, the high-quality alloy steel makes it resistant to wear and tear while providing a smooth cutting experience. It’s perfect for professional arborists, landscapers, and DIYers who need a reliable chain that won’t disappoint them.

User Experience: KAKEI 16 Inch Chainsaw Chain is an ideal deal for those who like to keep chains in a spare because it comes in a pack of three. This sharp chainsaw chain needs to be handled carefully, and the best thing is that it works well, no matter if you’re using it with a gas or electric saw.

  • Easy installation
  • Sharp enough
  • Best for both gas and electric saws
  • Best price
  • Cuts like butter
  • Awesome quality
  • It does not fit Husqvarna 445

STIHL 26RS 81 Rapid Super Chainsaw Chain

Key Features

Best Chainsaw Chains For Hardwood
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  • Brand: Stihl 
  • Pitch: .325 
  • Gauge: .63 
  • Item weight: 11.02
  • Drive links: 81 
  • Bar length: 20 inches

The STIHL 26RS 81 Rapid Super Chainsaw Chain 20″chainsaw bar is perfect for heavy-duty cutting and pruning. Is there anything not to love about that? With this tool, you’ll be able to work faster while remaining accurate! We tried the chain on various materials, including soft and hardwood, and were impressed with its performance.

Power and Performance:

In addition, this durable, high-quality chain features a .325 pitch with a .063 gauge that provides superior cutting power and performance. Its specially designed cutters resist heat build-up and wear, making it long-lasting and reliable.

Reduced Kickback:

These best chainsaw chains for hardwood are designed to reduce kickback, giving you excellent safety and control during use. Its narrow profile allows for smooth operation in the tightest spaces, while its tooth shapes further increase cutting efficiency.

Withstand Tough Conditions:

Furthermore, the bar is made of chrome-plated steel, ensuring it can withstand extreme conditions without rusting or corroding. With the STIHL 26RS 81 Rapid Super Chainsaw Chain 20″ Bar, you can confidently take on cutting of any type of wood .


Similarly, its low-vibration design minimizes fatigue, making it easier and more comfortable to use for extended periods. It’s the perfect choice for professionals and homeowners who want an efficient, durable, and reliable chainsaw chain.

User Experience: This Stihl chain cuts the trees and limbs better and stays sharper longer. Novices should use it cautiously because it is quick and aggressive, so it’s better for professionals.

  • Ideal for Stihl saws
  • Fast cutting
  • Sharp cutters
  • Oiling automatically
  • Less maintenance need
  • Expensive
  • Only one chain

What to Know when Buying the Best Chainsaw Chains For Hardwood

Purchasing a chainsaw chain to keep in a spare or to replace if it has wear and tear immediately is a good idea if you own a chainsaw for crafting or other cutting jobs. But you should know the trade well or have someone experienced with you while buying a new chainsaw chain. Thatswhy we are here with a comprehensive buying guide to share all the necessary information to make your buying decision more productive.

Now let’s delve into the details.

Reasons Why you need the Best Chainsaw chain for hardwood

  • Dull chain causes unnecessary fuel consumption
  • Problems with cutting
  • Consumable parts and bar oil are subjected to increased wear and tear
  • It reduces the chain’s life and therefore costs you money
  • Risk of injury from the chainsaw to the face when using the chainsaw
  • Dull chainsaw needs frequent sharpening
  • Making the work less laborious

Understanding Your Chainsaw Chain

Before buying a new chainsaw chain, it is necessary to understand your chainsaw chain thoroughly. Because they are not all the same, you cannot use them interchangeably.

So how they differ from each other is a big question now.

 Three different measurements are involved in making them different from one another.

  • chain pitch 
  • chain gorge 
  • and the number of drive links

Chainsaw numbers

Chainsaw numbers are the indication of the pitch and gauge measurements of the chain by the manufacturer. They are not just numbers; instead, they are meant to explain the compatibility of a chain with a specific chainsaw.

The lifetime of a chainsaw 

The lifespan of a chainsaw chain varies according to the usage and maintenance of chainsaw chains. Usually, it lasts 5 to 6 years, but if you use your equipment carefully, it can last for decades.

The number of times you can sharpen. 

You can generally sharpen your chainsaw chains ten to 15 times, but it is a relatively easy and fast rule. It also depends on how aggressive you are with it and how you maintain it.

Types of Chainsaw Chains

Another important thing you need to know about the chainsaw chain is the chisel type on the chain because cutting depends on the kind of teeth.

  • Full chisel
  • Semi chisel
  • Low profile chains 
  • Square chisel 
  • Chamfer chisel 
  • Chipper cutter 
  • Narrow kerf cutters 

Low Profile Chains 

The chainsaw chain with fewer tall cutters meant for shallow cuts is a low-profile chain. This type of chain source all best for beginners because they are a good fit for low horsepower and Electric sources. These are safe to use because they have common kickbacks during usage.

Full chisel vs. semi-chisel- Tooth Style 

Full chisel Semi-chisel
These chains have a square-cornered cutting surface shape that is easy to handle and work at high cutting speeds. Semi-chisel chainsaws chain’s teeth have rounded corners.
Complete chisel chains are less durable than semi-chisel cutters. Semi-chisel chains are more durable than full chisels.
These are not meant for smooth cuts& dry woods. These chainsaw chains are capable of cutting both soft and hardwood.
Cutting speed is 30-50% faster than with semi-chisel chains. These chainsaw chains cut slowly.


Chain pitch determines the chain’s size and is defined as the distance between three consecutive rivets divided by two. The sizes range from 0.404 inches to 3/8 inches to 3/8 low-profile to 0.325 inches to 1.4 inches. For the drive sprocket and bar tip sprocket to function correctly, the chain’s link spacing must match the distance between their teeth.

Do you know why it is so crucial to choose the right Pitch? Yeah, because using a right chain pitch allows your chain to fit and operate correctly. Otherwise, it may quickly wear out.

Gauge Sizes

Another thing you should remember is the gauge which is the thickness of the drive links. A larger pitch chain typically has more prominent teeth that take more significant cuts out of the wood. As a result, more power will be needed. A typical gauge would be between 0.050 and 0.63 inches.

You can benefit from this video for more information about chain pitch and gauge.


If you indulge yourself in a wood-cutting game, looking for low kickback chainsaw chains is a requirement. Low kickback saw chains inhibit overly deep cuts and save you from fatal injuries. So here is the trick of the trade for you; never go for chainsaw having kickbacks that you can’t control. Although low kickback saw chains cut slowly, ” it is better to be late than late(dead).”

Chain Arrangement

  • Full complement chain
  • Skip chain
  • Semi skip chain 

Cutter Material / Blade Material

 The chainsaw chains’ ability to cut through materials also depends upon the type of blade material or the material found at the tips of the cutter chains or change the usually made from Steel alloy, but those teeth are coated with different materials that can make a significant difference on how well they can play with the cutting following are the types of tips from which the blade material is made up of 

  • Chrome tipped: These tips are hard-wearing, suitable for most woods, and resistant to debris.
  • Tungsten Carbide tipped: They last longer than chrome-tipped and are surprisingly resistant to heat. These are recommended for professionals working in emergencies. And they are good at cutting through walls and roofs, icy wood, etc.
  • Diamond tip: These are cutting rocks and concrete and are relatively expensive.
  • Compatibility 

 Besides all other factors, compatibility is one of the most critical aspects of the best chainsaw chains for hardwood because if it is not compatible with your chainsaw, it would not be appropriate for it or may cause problems while performing. So you should remember that if you go for the same brand, it will be an excellent fit for your chainsaw.

For example, if you have a Stihl chainsaw, you should go with a genuine replacement chain no matter what it costs because it would be a perfect accessory and increase your tool’s productivity.

But choosing from other brands can also be effective if you choose them wisely and keep in mind all the factors discussed here, which can make your decision more precise and fruitful. Among many brands, Oregon is the number one power tools brand that produces many highly efficient and super Sharp chains and other Chainsaw accessories. Besides, you can also explore other traits like the control cut, power cut, advance cut, etc., depending on your working needs.

If you don’t choose the right and compatible fit for your device, it can cause serious injury because kickback is a fatal factor that is life-threatening and causes severe issues to you, even death.


Anti-vibration chains are the best option to increase productivity and reduce fatigue while operating a chainsaw. Therefore, almost all chainsaw brands focus on producing products that enhance user safety and convenience. This feature makes a difference, so take advantage of it to do your work in full swing.


Self-lubrication is a feature you will love because it enhances productivity and minimizes the oiling cost of the power tools. Moreover, if you have an automatic lubrication system, it will increase your chainsaw life and keeps the process smooth. Another benefit of this feature is that it saves labor and time.

How to Extend the Life of a Chainsaw Chain?

  • Ensure that the chainsaw is not running into debris
  • Sharpen the cutters when they go dull
  • Maintain the chain tension carefully
  • Don’t forget to clean the air filter
  • Make sure the oil level is adequate
  • Make particular the gasoline is fresh
  • Continually overhaul the brake grips

FAQs Related to the Best Chainsaw Chains For Hardwood

Here are some queries related to the best chainsaw chains for hardwood.

What chainsaw chain is best for hardwood?

If you are looking for chainsaw chains for rough conditions such as dirty or frozen woods semi- chisel chains are best for them. Otherwise, complete chisel chains are suitable for larger pieces of wood. But they cannot work in rough conditions because they are sensitive to dirt and lose their edge quickly.

What is the most durable chainsaw chain?

Carbide tip chainsaw chains are the most durable chains. Because their tips last longer than Chrome and other types and are not affected by heat, they are great for cutting objects that would dull standard chains faster.

What type of chainsaw chain cuts the fastest?

Square complete chisel chainsaw chains cut faster than other types of chains. They move through the wood quickly and hence the best choice for professionals to save time and help them manage their workload.


You must frequently change your chainsaw chains if you are a frequent woodworker and work with your equipment for long hours in the woods. But do you know what the best Chainsaw chains for hardwood are?

Here we have discussed all the options available for Chainsaw chains.

According to our research and findings, Oregon Advance Cut D72 is one of the best choices if you want to work with hardwood because it has precise semi-chisel chain cuts, low kickback, low vibrations, and a better lubrication system with hard chrome coating. It has quality rivets that can level up your woodworking and last longer than expected. 

Another good brand for saw chains is SUNGATOR; according to reviews and our findings, they have a big plus for those looking for the best economical chainsaw chains because they come in packs of 3 and are good in quality.

Please find the best fit for your craft, and remember to share this information with your fellow workers to help them make an informed decision. 

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