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Hey folks, no matter how you use a chainsaw, the need for a rough, tough, speedy chainsaw is unavoidable. Maybe you are an arborist or a farmer looking for the best chainsaw for the farm. Either way, I got you, man. You are in the right place.

And if you are tired of flimsy, cheap, or outdated products, we are here to take care of all your worries.

And, of course, we have culled out your dream products discussed in detail with a comprehensive guide to make your buying decision productive.

Now let’s move to the details.

Best Chainsaw for Farm UK- A Bird’s Eye View

Product  Brand Item Weight Power Source Guide Bar Length
Makita XCU03PT Makita 16 Pounds Battery Powered 14 Inches
Husqvarna 455 Rancher Husqvarna 20 Pounds Gas Powered 18 Inches
Poulan Pro PR5020 Poulan 17 Pounds Gas Powered 20 Inches
Remington 41AY4214983 RM4214CS Remington 14.96 Pounds Gas Powered 14 Inches
WORX WG309 WORX 10 Pounds Corded Electric 10 Inches
BLACK+DECKER Lopper ChainSaw,(LP1000) BLACK+DECKER 6.5 Pounds Corded Electric 6 Inches

Makita XCU03PT 18V-Best Chainsaw for Farm

Key Features 

Best Chainsaw for Farm
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  • Brand: Makita
  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Horsepower: 3.2 hp
  • Item Weight: 16 Pounds
  • Chain Speed: 3,940 FPM
  • Brushless Motor
  • Two 18V Lithium-Ion batteries
  • Tool-less chain adjustment

The Makita XCU03PT is a powerful chainsaw that can cut through almost any type of wood. This tool has been designed to make your work easier and faster. You can use this tool for many purposes, including cutting firewood, trimming trees, cutting branches, and even cutting down large logs. What more can you do with this tool? Let’s have an eagle eye on its unique features.

Performance Like a Gas Chainsaw

This best chainsaw for farms has an outer rotor brushless motor that provides smooth, stable operation even at low speeds. Another advantage you get is that they are compact and provide high torque. Plus, it has better heat dissipation.

AutoPower On/Off For Extended Battery Life

Moreover, it has a built-in LED on a switch with an auto power function, which automatically shuts down when the operation is delayed, providing an extended battery life.

Ideal For Harsh Conditions 

Similarly, it is also engineered with extreme protection Technology that improves dust and water resistance and makes the operation easy even in harsh conditions.

Comfortable Handle

Likewise, this best chainsaw for form is designed with a rear compact handle that provides you with easy handling and comfort while working with this chainsaw.

Variable Speed

If you want to work at different paces, you are at the right place. This cordless chainsaw has a variable speed trigger which facilitates your work at your desired speed.

Safe Operation

In addition, if you are a novice looking for the best chainsaw for the farm with better safety options, then this Matika XCU03PT is ideal because it has a built-in lock-off lever that covers the blade to avoid accidents.

Maximum Runtime

What if I tell you that this chainsaw has tremendous runtime, and you can do work endlessly?

In other words, you have two batteries that you can charge quickly to speed up the work.

But what does it mean?

Yes, you got it right.

You can run it with two 18V batteries(A total of 36V in all), but the bad news is that these batteries are not included in the purchase.

What We Like
  • Comfortable
  • Speedy operation
  • Built-in lock-off lever
  • Dust and water resistance
  • A perfect tool for small jobs
What We Don't
  • Battery drains quickly
  • Not appropriate for cutting firewood

Husqvarna 18 Inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

Key Features

Best Chainsaw for Farm
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  • Brand: Husqvarna
  • Powered Source: Gas Powered
  • Horsepower: 3.49 hp
  • Item weight: 20 Pounds
  • Smart Start technology
  • 55.5cc Engine
  • Automatic chain oiler
  • Quick-release air filter
  • Side-mounted chain tensioning system

Husqvarna 18 Inch 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw is an ideal tool if you are looking for a chainsaw for farm use. Its efficient engine and durable build can handle all your challenging work. Best of all the Husqvarna Rancher 455 has all features which you can dream into the best chainsaw for the farm.

Smart Start Technology

Thanks to its smart start technology have made starting equipment hassle-free. This efficient workmate takes care of all your cutting jobs without taking too much time to start.

Powerful 2-Cycle engine

If you might be asking yourself, here is a Husqvarna chainsaw, with a powerful 55.5cc engine with an efficient speed of 9000 rpm to cut trees, prune limbs, or firewood. Moreover, it has X-torque technology, making this tool more fuel-efficient and, therefore, less expensive. Furthermore, this X-torque Technology complies with the strictest environmental regulations resulting in 20% less fuel consumption and up to 80% fewer emissions than other conventional engines.

Automatic Chain Oiler & Side Mounted Chain Tensioning

Similarly, automatic chain oilers do not need to worry about putting the right amount of oil for proper lubrication. They work well with the minor part and shorter chains, and the best thing is that there is no need to adjust them or remember to press a pump for lubrication to all aspects of the chainsaw. Hence it is time-saving and economical as well.

Likewise, it has a side-mounted chain tensioning system that is simple and quick.

Anti-Vibration System 

If that’s not enough to satisfy you, then I would say you can’t avoid the anti-vibration feature that makes it most demanding among farm chainsaw users. The calibrated anti-vibration system makes this outdoor power equipment running smoothly and minimizes fatigue. Moreover, the rear handle provides a more comfortable chainsaw operation.


Last but not least, this powerful chainsaw has robust safety features like an inertia chain brake activated if the saw moves fast enough in a kickback motion. The system acts as a hand guard protecting yourself from being stabbed or slapped by tree branches while doing cutting jobs. Moreover, this can prevent you from getting accidentally hurt while walking.

What We Like
  • It cuts effortlessly
  • Powerful enough
  • Ideal for large log cutting
  • Low fuel consumption
What We Don't
  • A bit heavy
  • The gas tank needs quick refills

Poulan Pro PR5020- Best Chainsaw for Farm Needs

Key Features

Best Chainsaw for Farm
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  • Brand: Poulan Pro
  • Power: Gas Powered
  • Item Source: 17 Pounds
  • Oxypower engine technology 
  • Combi tool
  • Faster starting 
  • User-friendly combined choke/stop control

Poulan’s Pro Series saws are built tough and ready for any job around your property. The Pro Series has been engineered to deliver power and performance while maintaining an affordable price tag. This gas-powered tool has many user-friendly features that make it the right fit for farm use. The shearing power, maneuverability, easy operation, and safety features of the chainsaw are up to the mark, and can easily handle all types of tree felling, firewood cutting, or other cleanup jobs.


Poulan Pro gas-powered chainsaw has oxy power technology that not only gives you the power to handle your jobs but also cuts the cost of fuel consumption. The best thing is that it is environmentally friendly due to 70% fewer emissions.

Easy Start

Moreover, this best chainsaw for farms has a pull start mechanism that makes starting the tool almost effortless and reduces wear, making it long-lasting.

Furthermore, the purge bulb in the two-stroke engine circulates fuel through the carburetor. It removes air, allowing the carburetor to have fresh fuel to charge before starting the equipment, helping the startup process.

Combi Tool 

Furthermore, the combi tool in the rear handle always makes maintenance easy and quick.

User-Friendly Stop Controls

Likewise, it has a combined choke/ stop control system that makes the start of the tool easy and prevents engine flooding.

What We Like
  • Easy to handle for non-pros
  • Lots of power
  • It comes with a very nice hard carry case
  • Excellent for cutting average yard tree trunks
  • Combi tool for maintenance 
What We Don't
  • You have to drain the oil after usage
  • Chain tightening assembly has some issue

Remington 41AY4214983 RM4214CS Gas Powered Chainsaw

Key Features

Best Chainsaw for Farm
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  • Brand: Remington 
  • Power Source: Gas Powered
  • Horsepower: 3.2hp
  • Guide bar length: 14 inches
  • Durable poly chassis
  • Quick start technology
  • Anti-vibration system
  • Easy to handle
  • Adjustable auto chain oiler 

Remington is a leader in outdoor equipment manufacturing like lawnmowers and snow blowers. They believe in care and innovation and inspire chainsaw users with their high-quality outdoor products. Remington 41AY4214983 RM4214CS is the gas-powered chainsaw from Remington that is ideal for use around your home. It is easy to operate and provides excellent power for cutting through rigid material. It comes with a chain guard that protects the user from injury while using this tool.

Premium Performance 

This best chainsaw for the farm has a 2-cycle full crank 42cc engine that is ideal for performing complicated tasks with great power and less fatigue. Plus, its premium 14-inch bar can cut through logs and can cut them like butter quickly.

Easy to Handle

Besides, it is a gas-powered tool that is easy to handle due to its lightweight and durable poly chassis without sacrificing power. It is carefully designed to provide excellent performance and less fatigue.

Smooth Start

Another feature that makes a difference is its quick-start system which makes the start of the tool hassle-free and smooth.

Auto Chain Oiler

Moreover, this robust tool also gives you the advantage of an auto chain oiler that saves your time and energy.No needed for manual lubrication due to an integrated oiler also saves the usage of excessive oil. Hence it also contributes to the long life of the equipment.


Furthermore, it has a three-point anti-vibration system that saves your fingers from numbness and fatigue. The rear handle is designed to make the operation balanced and relaxed for you. 

What We Like
  • Great price
  • Cuts fast
  • Durable
  • Best for felling medium trees
  • Easy to start
  • Balanced operation
  • Great for DIY Homeowners
What We Don't
  • Bar quality is not premium
  • Customer support issue

WORX WG309- Best Chainsaw for Farm Use

Key Features 

Best Chainsaw for Farm
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  • Brand: WORX
  • Blade Length: 10 Inches
  • Color: Orange and Black
  • Power Source: Corded Electric
  • Two in-1 tool
  • Powerful motor
  • Auto chain lubrication
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Auto chain tension
  • Tool-less installation

Pole chainsaws are handy tools for cutting trees and other woody materials. They are also great for DIY projects such as building furniture or decks. The problem is that they are heavy and bulky and require some skill.

But the good news is that our chosen lightweight equipment is for you to assist in farm work and other DIY projects. Let’s explore its features together.

Easy Attaching and Detaching Pole Chainsaw

If you plan to chop the tree’s higher branches on your farm, don’t overthink. Worx WG 309 is here to take care of all of your worries. You can easily swap it from a regular chainsaw to a pole chainsaw without any tools.

Designed Compactly

The best thing about Worx WG309 is that it weighs only 10 lbs, making your farm work easy and safe.

Reliable Performance

 Furthermore, you can chop higher branches and ground with the same efficiency and power without any problems. Its 8 amp powerful motor can tackle wood exceptionally. You can trust it without looking at its size and weight. However, it is pretty light but can handle smaller to bigger oak branches amazingly.

Auto Chain Tension 

As far as chain tensioning is concerned, there is no need to think about it. Because this best chainsaw for the farm also has an auto chain tensioning system. Simply turn the knob in the start, and you’re good to go.

Auto Chain Lubrication

Now, let’s talk about the lubrication system of the chainsaw, which does not require any manual job. The auto chain oiler will take care of oil during the whole operation, saving you from being worried about oil. In addition, the oil window lets you keep an eye on the oil level so that you can refill on time.

What We Like
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble
  • Powerful motor
  • Easy attach and detach pole chainsaw
  • Vibration-free
  • No kickbacks
What We Don't
  • It does not come with oil.

BLACK+DECKER Lopper ChainSaw,(LP1000)-Best Economical Chainsaw for Farm

Key Features 

Best Chainsaw for Farm
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  • Brand:     BLACK+DECKER
  • Power source: Corded Electric
  • Item Weight: 6.5 Pounds 
  • Heavy-duty cutting bar
  • Bar length: 6 inches
  • Metal guards for safety
  • Clamping jaws
  • Volts: 120 volts

Are you looking for a new farm chainsaw? If yes, then you should consider buying from Black + Decker. They offer high-quality tools at reasonable prices. Their products are well-designed and built to last. This innovative Lopper chainsaw is an excellent addition to our list and can benefit you greatly. What benefits does it offer you? Let’s have a look at its details.

Innovative Clamping Jaws

Black+ Decker lopper electric chainsaw has an innovative clamping job that can quickly grab and cut through branches and logs. This innovative tool can clean up your farm efficiently and lessen the burden of chores with their clamping Jaws. The scissors-like action facilitates snapping branches cleanly up to 4 inches in diameter; these are a more fabulous tool for trimming small branches overhead.


Moreover, these lightweight Looper chain saws are efficient at trimming and cutting trees. They can prune those thicker branches more easily and fast, which are higher levels above your head, save time, and make it easier to do your task.

Heavy-Duty Cutting Performance 

Similarly, the 4.5 amp motor of these electric saws is heavy-duty and can tackle even thicker branches and logs on the farm. Its 6-inch bar can perform challenging tasks and help you do your chores in a balanced and precise way.


Now let’s come to the safety point you can not compromise. This corded electric chainsaw is equipped with metal guards over the jaws for further protection against the cutting chain.

What We Like
  • Lightweight
  • No hassles with gas and fuel mixing
  • Ideal for pruning trees
  • Fast cutting
  • Worth every penny
  • Safe and easy to use
What We Don't
  • The oiler is not good.
  • Customer support is not so good.

Best Chainsaw for Farms – An Ultimate Guide

When buying a chainsaw for farm needs, you must know some things before going into further details about the feature you should have.

What is a Farm Chainsaw?

A farm chainsaw is a tool that helps you in tough jobs on your farm. These tools minimize your fatigue and allow you to do these tasks more efficiently, precisely, and effortlessly.

The primary tasks you can perform with these versatile tools are

  • Cut tree limbs and branches.
  • Cutting firewood
  • Felling small trees
  • Topping fence posts
  • For thinning coppices
  • Pruning trees
  • They are used to trim large amounts of vegetation from roadsides and parking lots. This helps keep these areas clear of debris and makes them easier to drive.

Worth Considering Factors when Buying the Best Farm Chainsaws

  The best farm chainsaw is the one that fits your budget and has the features you want. If you’re looking for a good-quality chainsaw, you should consider buying from reputable brands such as Husqvarna or Stihl. These companies offer high-quality equipment at affordable prices.

 You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a new chainsaw. You can get an excellent chainsaw for less than $100. Before you purchase a chainsaw, however, you should check out these essential considerations.


 The first thing that you need to think about is your budget. You should know how much money you are willing to spend before looking at different brands. If you have a tight budget, you may want to stick to something less expensive. However, if you have a little bit more money to spend, then you can look into getting something that has better features.

Reliable Brands of Chainsaws for Farm

 You should always go for a brand that you trust. This way, you know that you will get good quality equipment. You don’t want to buy cheap equipment because it is more affordable. You want to make sure that you get what you pay for. There are a lot of brands like farm boss, Husqvarna, and Poulan, that are providing the best chainsaw for farms with all the features and benefits that you want.

 Size and Weight

 When choosing a chainsaw, you should choose a size that fits your needs. If you plan to cut down trees, you might want to get a larger model. On the other hand, if you only cut smaller branches off of trees, you could probably get away with a smaller model.

Moreover, weight is probably the most significant thing you want to look out for when purchasing a chainsaw. You don’t want to carry a heavy tool. This could cause injury to yourself or damage to your equipment. Look for a saw that has lightweight for fatigue-less operation.

Blade Type

You should also pay attention to the type of blade that comes with the saw. Some blades work well with certain types of wood, while others are meant for other materials. Make sure you know what material you want to use before purchasing the saw.

If you want to cut through medium or large trees or for vegetation management, you should look for large blades. For small tasks, a mini chainsaw can be a great fit.

Power Source

Gasoline Engine Chainsaw

 Gasoline engine chainsaws are the most common type of chainsaw used today. They have been around since the early 1900s and were initially designed to cut through trees and other woody materials. Today they can still be found cutting down trees but are now used for many different applications. Gas-powered chainsaws are also commonly used in landscaping projects where they are used to remove overgrown shrubs and bushes. These chainsaws are incredibly versatile and can be used for just about any application that requires a powerful sawing tool.

Electric Motorized Chainsaw

 Electric motorized chainsaws are becoming increasingly popular due to their ease of use and portability. They are typically smaller than gasoline-powered models and great for small jobs like pruning branches of trees. They are also great for homeowners who want to do some light trimming around the house without worrying about getting too close to power lines or electrocuting.

Cordless Chainsaw

 Cordless chainsaws are the newest type of chainsaw on the market. They work like electric motors, except they don’t require any cords or batteries. Instead, they use a rechargeable battery pack built into the chainsaw’s handle. This allows users to avoid the hassle of carrying heavy batteries around while working. Some cordless chainsaws even come equipped with a charger so users can charge their batteries at home before heading out to the job site. This power tool is best for farms due to its portability.


Likewise, the equipment’s engine is also crucial in making decisions if you are looking for a powerful tool. Generally, chainsaw engines are two-stroke or electric motors driven by a power cord or battery.

Size and Weight

Moreover, the size and the weight of the chainsaw are also significant. It usually ranges between 10 to 15 lbs, but some smaller electric chainsaws can weigh just 6 pounds. On the other hand, some of the larger and more powerful gasoline chainsaws can exceed 20 Pounds. Likewise, the size of the chainsaw’s also varies; it usually starts at 16 to 18 inches for a gas power chainsaw and goes up to as large as 72 inches which is best for felling medium trees. The chainsaws with 20-inches or larger bars are ideal for cutting firewood or felling trees. The electrical chainsaw is smaller and usually ranges between 14 to 16 inches. The size and weight of the chainsaw vary according to the buyers’ needs and tasks. You can choose according to your needs.

Noise and Vibration

In addition to all the above factors, don’t forget to get a device that has less noise and minimum vibrations because, according to research studies, “high levels of vibrations in chains can be transmitted to your hands and may cause fatigue pain cyanosis, and in more severe cases it may cause Raynaud’s disease in which the fingers of both hands periodically turn white due to poor circulation that results in numbness and poor control.”

Similarly, excessive noise levels can cause total or partial deafness. Although the ear muffs will reduce the perceived noise level, you should not take any risk to avoid the danger of deafness. Moreover, being a good citizen, you will not want to bother your neighbors. Also, you will not want to affect the environment and prefer environment-friendly equipment to keep the environment free from noise pollution.

Grip: Comfort is Must Have Feature.

To avoid your hands having a hard day, you should not ignore the most critical anatomical part, “the handle.” 

The handle of your chainsaw can ruin your whole cutting performance. Because if it is not ergonomically designed to provide you with the proper grip, it will change the entire game.

And if you are a busy farmer and have many tasks to perform the whole day, comfort is a must-have feature. A comfortable handle with a maximum grip can spice up your farming experience.

If you ate working in the snow, electrically heated handles are an ideal choice. On the other hand, rubber and foam material are excellent for a comfortable, grippy handle.

Safety Features-Never Compromise on Safety 

Now, let’s talk about the safety features you can not compromise. A safe chainsaw has multiple parts to avoid any inconvenience.

  • Kickback guard and chain brake
  • Throttle lock
  • Chain catcher
  • Right Hand Guard
  • Stop controls
  • Safety Decals
  • Exhaust
  •  Anti-vibration system
  • Scabbard(covers the chain)

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Chainsaw for Farm

What is the best chainsaw for farms?

Husqvarna 455 rancher is the best for someone just getting started in the world of farming. These are affordable, reliable, and have a powerful motor that makes cutting down fast and efficient. Moreover, Husqvarna has many lightweight and straightforward models for maneuvering, making them perfect for farm use.

How much does a farm chainsaw cost?

The cost of the best chainsaw for farms may vary according to brand and features. Farm and ranch chainsaws have different prices, from 300$ to 600$.

How long will the farm chainsaw last?

If you’re looking for a chainsaw that will last for years, then you should buy one with a high-quality motor. This means the engine has been designed to run efficiently at low speeds so that it won’t wear down quickly. You also need to ensure that the chainsaw is made of metal rather than plastic.

Wrap Up

The best chainsaw for the farm is one that is easy to use and maintain. You should choose a tool that suits your needs. For example, if you want to cut down large trees, you should go for a larger saw. But if you want to cut smaller logs, you should opt for a lighter tool.

The article provides information about different types of chainsaws for farms and how each works. Husqvarna Rancher 455 is recommended for professional farmers who want to work quickly and efficiently. It is also best for hobbyists who want to enjoy working outdoors without spending too much money.

Besides, other included equipment is also worth buying; you can choose any of them according to your farm use and budget.

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