Best Cheap Chainsaw | Latest Review

Hey chainsaw folks, buying the best cheap chainsaw that also meets your cutting needs is quite hectic. Isn’t it? How much does a chainsaw cost? And where should I look to get the best deal? All these queries may be daunting for you if you are new to woodcutting.

But there’s no need to take it on your nerves because here we are with the list of best-value chainsaws. In this article, we have culled the best budget chainsaws, including corded electric, battery-powered, and gas-powered saws that have the best sheering power and will not break the bank.

Besides, we have included a section to get an idea of weighing up your buying decision. All fundamental factors like power, size, safety features, and price are best according to your cutting needs.

 They are discussed for your ease, plus we have included all the best brands renowned for their quality, so you will get equipment that is not only budget-friendly but is equipped with some bells and whistles within your price range.

So without being worried about anything, our best cheap chainsaw pick will satisfy you if you are on a tight budget. Let’s get started to explore the details.

An Overview of the Best Cheap Chainsaw

Product Power Source Size Item Weight
Sun Joe SWJ599E 14-inch Corded Electric 14 inches 7.7 Pounds
WORX WG303.1 14.5 Amp 16″ Electric Chainsaw Electric chainsaw 16 inches 11.1 Pounds
BLACK+DECKER 20V Max Cordless Chainsaw Battery powered 20 inches 7.59 Pounds
Poulan Pro PR4218, 18 in. 42cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw Gas powered 18 inches 13.25 Pounds
Husqvarna 120 Mark II 16 in. Gas Chainsaws Gas powered 16 inches 9.3 Pounds
Greenworks 40V 8-Inch Cordless Pole Saw Battery powered 8 inches 8.36 pounds

Detailed Look on the Best Cheap Chainsaw

Sun Joe SWJ599E 14-inch

Key Features

best cheap chainsaw
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  • Brand: Sun Joe 
  • Power Source: Corded Electric 
  • Chain Length: 14 inch 
  • Auto oiler 
  • Two-year warranty 
  • Versatile 
  • Safety switch 
  • Powerful motor 
  • Easy maneuverability 

SunJoe’s 14-inch chainsaw is ideal for trimming and pruning limbs and branches up to 13.5 inches thick. This versatile tool helps you clear your backyard and is the best deal if you want something other than gas chainsaws.

These electric chainsaws are easy to use and lightweight to carry around to perform cutting tasks quickly. With a 9 amp motor, their ability to slice through limbs and thick branches is impressive. And for beginners, it is a good tool due to low kickbacks and protective safety handguards.

Sun Joe chainsaws are the best in quality and can be compared to Husqvarna gas chainsaws in their efficiency but surprisingly are the best cheap chainsaws.

Moreover, these best corded electric chainsaws come with a chainsaw sheath that protects your tool and adds value to your purchase. In addition, the auto auto-oiling system eases lubrication and reduces the burden of manual lubrication.

The only downside we found about this saw is that it is not for professional use; otherwise, it is the best buck for your money.

User Experience 

Sun Joe has excellent customer service, says an Amazon shopper; with excellent communication skills and generosity, they are worth appreciating for their services. The quality, price, and performance are up to the mark, and it is the best equipment at this price.

  • Easy maintenance
  • Affordable & safe
  • Great customer service
  • No need to charge the battery
  • Easy to assemble
  • Not for DIYs

WORX WG303.1 14.5 Amp 16″ Electric Chainsaw

Key Features 

best chainsaw chains
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  • Brand: Worx 
  • Power Source: Corded Electric 
  • Chain Length: 16 inches 
  • Auto tension 
  • Auto lubrication 
  • Chain brake for user’s safety 
  • Full-wrap Handle 
  • Metal spike bumper 

Worx WG303 is a brilliant 16-inch corded electric chainsaw that can win half the battle while struggling to clear your backyard after a storm. Sounds good?

Yeah, this lightweight tool with a rubberized over-mold rear handle absorbs vibration quickly and gives you comfort and ease while using your device for a long duration. Similarly, its 14.5 Amp motor is powerful enough to cut through logs up to 30 inches(already fallen on the ground) and drop a standing tree of 16″ in diameter.

This fatigue-less operation mode increases your productivity and saves your time as well. (Because there is no need to take rest during work). Plus, with a spiked bumper, you get better control of your saw and better stick the log to make the most of your tool.

And not only auto lubrication, but it is also equipped with an auto tensioning system to make the process hassle-free and less time-consuming. What more do we want?

This Worx tool offers minimum kickbacks and is equipped with a built-in chain brake to enhance user safety. This tool is designed ergonomically to meet all your woodworking needs.

User Experience 

You can confidently tackle any backyard project with this tool and easily replace your gas chainsaw, e.g., Remington 20-inch 52cc, without regret. This Worx electric saw is a lightweight, easy-to-clean, and powerful chainsaw. The only thing that can bother you is wearing an earmuff while operating it.

  • Best equipment for occasional use
  • Great value for money
  • Surprisingly powerful
  • Easy to operate
  • Light tool
  • Interchangeable batteries
  • Less vibration than a gas saw
  • Chain jumping off the bar sometimes.

BLACK+DECKER 20V Max Cordless Chainsaw

Key Features

best chainsaw chains
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  • Power Source: Battery Powered
  • Horsepower: 3.5 hp
  • Item Weight: 7.59 Pounds 
  • Chain Length: 10 Inches 
  • Low kickback chain 
  • Tool-Free Chain Tensioning 
  • Wraparound Handle 

Black+ Decker 20 V cordless chainsaw can cut small and large trees, has a sturdy construction, and is a relatively quiet tool. This light tool is best for little hands, arthritic hands, or people with a more diminutive stature.

Besides, it is durable and easy to use and cuts through hardwood.

If you’re looking for a tool for clearing up the yard, it eases your pain to pull out the gas chainsaw, take it with you, and this no-brainer tool will do magic for you.

The process is fluent thanks to its tool-free tensioning and built-in lubricating system. The only downside is that its batteries are not meant for long working hours, but they can be overcome by using batteries from other tools( interchangeable batteries)

User Experience 

No messing with mixing fuels and oil; take out this battery power tool and start your cutting journey straight. This tool is super easy to use and lightweight enough to carry around. Initially, a bit hard to stabilize the weight, was surprisingly strong enough, a handy tool for cutting trees and saplings that are big and sufficient for loopers.

  • Versatile tool
  • Sturdy construction
  • Quiet tool
  • Lightweight
  • Best for medium to small trees
  • The chain is easy to adjust
  • Interchangeable batteries
  • Battery life is not appropriate for larger jobs.
  • Spare parts( other than bar & chain) are not readily available.

Poulan Pro PR4218, 18 in. 42cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw

Key Features 

best cheap chainsaw
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  • Brand: Poulan Pro
  • Power Source: Gas Powered
  • Item Weight: 13.25 Pounds
  • Chain Length: 18 Inches 
  • Oxypower engine 
  • Air filter system 
  • Effortless pull start 
  • Anti Vibration system 

Poulan pro PR 4218 is a two-stroke gas chainsaw ideal for chopping firewood, medium-duty storm clean-up, and felling trees. Its oxy power technology makes it the best environment-friendly tool in the gas chainsaws range with minimum emissions.

This best cheap chainsaw has a 42cc 2-stroke engine with an 18-inch bar and chain. It comes with a screwdriver (wrench combo) and a built-in holder. This is the best tool to cut a large limb way high or on a ladder due to its lightweight.

These gas chainsaws are giant like Stihl, Husqvarna, and even a 20-inch Poulan that cuts faster and can be used right out of the box.

The best part is that it is easy to start. You need to pull the cord 2- 3 times, and it will fire up. Fabulous cuttings like butter, pines, oaks, and even 25 feet maple trees are no more a problem to cut through this cheap chainsaw that works like an expensive power tool.

Moreover, an automatic driven oiler keeps the bar and chain lubricated and reduces wear and tear, minimizing the maintenance and life span of the equipment.

 In addition, it is also equipped with a superior air cleaning system that prolongs air filter life and reduced fuel consumption without compromising on power. 

 The spring-assisted pull cord combined with an easy-to-use purge bulb enables simple and quick starts with minimum cord pulls.

 Similarly, it is designed with accessible controls and minimized handle vibrations to ensure a hassle-free operation with an anti-vibration system. Likewise, the onboard scrench is integrated with a snap lock cover that provides easy toolless access to the chain tensioning.

User Experience 

Overall, this is a good chainsaw that is affordable and quick. It’s rugged, and a good size saw that cuts nice and fast. The only downside was it did not have spikes. Some customers also complained about the poor packaging and carb adjustment.

  • Nice and sharp
  • Ideal for homeowners and firewood enthusiasts
  • Fuel efficient
  • It comes with an excellent, hard plastic case
  • Built-in adjusting tool
  • Best cheap chainsaw
  • Starts fairly quick
  • Extra chain
  • Great customer service
  • Gas comes with a saw that is not adequately mixed
  • Loose and wobbly chain bar
  • The trouble with the idle

Husqvarna 120 Mark II 16 in-Best Cheap Chainsaw 

Key Features 

best cheap chainsaw
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  • Brand: Husqvarna 
  • Bar length: 16 inches 
  • Air injection filtration system 
  • X- torque engine technology 
  • Combined choke/stop control 
  • Low vibration technology 
  • Compact 
  • Low kickback safety features 

Husqvarna 120 Mark II is a compact, lightweight piece of equipment for casual chainsaw use. This great tool is easy to start and has low kickback safety features that even a newbie can handle easily without the risk of any damage. 

 Its low kickback safety features, including a built-in inertia-activated brake, reduce the risk of damage during operation, making it an ideal tool for beginners. Likewise, it’s lightweight, easy to maneuver for long work hours, and comfortable due to anti-vibration technology that absorbs most of the vibration produced during work.

This lightweight, efficient tool also featured an x torque engine for lower fuel consumption and emissions, making it an ideal environmentally friendly device. This smart saw is best for pruning trees, hobby work, and other light tasks. Husqvarna Mark II is the best choice to have in your tool arsenal in any season.

 Moreover, combined Choke/ stop control and an air purge bulb allow easier starting and release the risk of engine flooding, removing air from the carburetor and fuel system, facilitating an easy start.

In addition, a centrifugal air cleaning system removes large dust and debris particles from the air filter, improving engine life and reducing air filter cleaning and maintenance.

User Experience 

Best environmentally friendly gas chainsaw that is easy to start in just a few pulls if you’re familiar with these tools. It cuts smoothly through wood and meets homeowner needs on a low budget. Lightweight and can be easy to carry around your property or while camping.

  • Run flawlessly
  • Lightweight gas chainsaw
  • Affordable
  • Low vibration
  • Easy to use
  • Automatic oiler
  • Best for homeowners’ needs
  • Hard to start for beginners

Greenworks 40V 8-Inch Cordless Pole Saw

Key Features 

best cheap chainsaw
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  • Brand: Greenworks 
  • Bar length: 8 inches
  • 2AH battery and charger included
  • Aluminum shaft 
  • Less maintenance 
  • Special feature: Brake
  • Blade material: High-speed steel 
  • Power source: Battery powered 
  • Cushioned over mold grip 

Suppose you are searching for a small chainsaw that can trim higher branches. In that case, it is a terrific choice for you. This Telescopic pole saw only takes a few minutes to reach an extra 8 ft in the air to cut through branches at a distance. The best thing about this pole saw is that it is only around 8 pounds, making it so easy to use and best for long work hours.

In addition, it can cut a full hour of chopping on each battery, which is sufficient time to clean your backyard. Likewise, it is a budget pole chainsaw that includes an automatic oiler that enhances the durability of the bar and chain, a tool-less chain tensioner that is best to set your chains tension without any extra tool, and an interchangeable battery with other green works Power Tools that makes it outstandingly demanding tool. Because it enhances the user’s work hours, if you need a cheap chainsaw with an extendable length that does not break the bank, it is an excellent fit for you. 

 Last but not least, if you are bored with gas chainsaws and mixing fuel and oil is a headache, this is a maintenance-free tool. It starts working instantly and quietly and delivers the powerful work experience you need.

User Experience 

Significant pruning and cutting tools for higher branches that you need help to reach easily. With its 8 feet, long extendable part cuttings become easy and less laborious. Interchangeable batteries are another big plus if you want to extend work time.

  • Lots of power
  • Super sharp
  • Best for cutting medium-sized limbs
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to assemble
  • Best for higher branches cutting
  • Easy to fill chain oil
  • Well balanced
  • Hard to remove the battery

Buying Guide on the Best Cheap Chainsaw

Buying a chainsaw is a significant investment. There are hundreds of models out there, each with pros and cons. Choosing a suitable model for home improvement projects can take time and effort.

  When buying a chainsaw, you should keep in mind the type of wood you plan to cut, the size of the tree or log, and the amount of time you want to spend cutting down trees.

 You also need to choose between gas and electric power. Gas-powered saws are cheaper and easier to operate but require regular maintenance. Electric saws are quieter and don’t produce fumes, but they cost more. Here are some factors you need to consider while buying a budget chainsaw.

Safety and Protection 

The first and most important thing while working with saws is your safety . Especially if you’re not a pro, never compromise on safety feature and prefer to buy a chainsaw with low kickback safety features like a vibration mitigation system that facilitate better control on the device, comfortable grip, handguard, chain brake, etc.

Moreover, you should invest in some safety gear to maximize your safety and avoid fatal damage.


Kickbacks are inevitable, and you must deal with them while working with this tool. So to minimize the risk, never let the grip and control be compromised in any way. You can buy some chainsaws with low kickback options and avoid the kickback zone from coming in contact with wood so that the chainsaw will not kick back at you. In addition, bucking spikes can also facilitate avoiding kickbacks risk too.

Chainsaw Safety Parts 

Other chainsaw parts that can contribute to your safety include:

  • Chain catcher: A metal or plastic guard meant to prevent a derailed or damaged chainsaw from hitting the operator
  • Flywheel: controls engine speed
  • Clutch: control driving part of a chainsaw
  • Anti-vibration Handle: limit stress and facilitate better control of the saw.
  • Handguard: stop slipping your hand to come in contact with the saw.
  • Muffler: for noise control
  • Chain Brake: stops the chain in case of kickback
  • Throttle lock: prevents throttle activation until the interlock is depressed.
  • Spark arrester: a part of the exhaust system that controls to help fire accidents 
  • Bumper Spikes: or felling dogs to grip the wood and reduce rotational kickback.

Bar and Chain 

Another important thing is the size of the bar and chain that you can choose according to the type of wood you need to cut and the usage of your chainsaw ( professional, homeowners, DIY, etc.). It varies around 10- 16 inches for home needs, while for professional use, 18- 24 inches will be enough.

Types of Chainsaw

Another thing that is important while buying a saw is the power source it uses to operate. It depends on your need and budget. If you’re a professional, you need a saw with the best quality that can chew through wood quickly.

Gas Powered Chainsaws

Gas-powered chainsaws are the best for professionals because they have plenty of power and can handle tough jobs smoothly. If you’re a hobbyist or a homeowner, you can also look for gas saws, but battery-powered and electric are also great for dealing with basic cutting needs.

2 Stroke Chainsaw 4 Stroke Chainsaw
It is a two cycle engine that has no valves It has a 4 stroke engine with valve train,timing gear cam or pusher for proper oil circulation.
Recommended ratio of oil and gas is used in it It needs straight gasoline
It has less fuel efficiency than a 4 stroke engine It is more fuel efficient
Quieter than a 4-stroke engine It is louder than a 2-stroke engine 
High vibration  Less vibration 
Lighter weight Heavy than 2 stroke
Can be use in any position Can only use in fix position
High emissions Less emissions


Battery Powered 

If you want to clean up after a storm in your backyard or remove limbs at the workplace without being worried about mixing oil and gas, battery power tools are great. They bring you best of the both world; no mixing of fuels and perfect shearing ability. Also, they are quieter than gas chainsaws and have no hassles of pulling the cord a dozen times. Just push the trigger and start your work immediately. And thanks to their lightweight, they are portable easily, and you can use them wherever you want.

Corded Electric 

Likewise, another reasonable consideration while buying the best cheap chainsaw is the Electric saw. Corded saws are value-priced saws that you can immediately use to cut after plugging in the socket. If you care for nature, electric saws are the best deal for buying equipment that has shearing power and is also emission-free and less harmful to your environment.

These tools are excellent for trimming and cutting firewood and are lightweight, so you can use them longer without fatigue. Moreover, there is no fear of running out of battery, and you need an electric connection and a viola. Electric chainsaws are safer to use due to lower chain speed and stopping running during idle mode, significantly making them safer for beginners. 

Plus, it is the best fit for people who uses chainsaws seasonally or in emergencies only because it requires no maintenance, no mixing of oil and fuel, and, the best part requires no refills.

Special Chainsaw Properties 

In addition, some more factors are worth considering when choosing the best cheap chainsaw, like self-sharpening, auto tensioning, and auto lubrication.

Self-Sharpening Chainsaws 

Moreover, if you want some value-added things in your tool, you can look for self-sharpening chainsaws. Self-sharpening saws make the cutting process quick and smooth. This feature increases your productivity and minimizes the user’s workload.

Self Lubricating Chainsaws 

Providing the right oil to your chain and chain bar is crucial to keep the process smooth and prevent damage to moving parts.

If you do it manually, it will also take some time and labor. But what if I tell you a way to escape this process?

Yes, I am talking about the self-lubrication chainsaw.

Is it worth it?

Yes, of course, it is. It saves your time and the hassle of lubrication or manual oiling.No more need to remember to press a pump and no worries about using a proper amount of lubricant to measure. Convenience and peace of mind are their most significant advantages—no need to stop to check your tool for adequate oiling now. Get a self-lubricating device and efficiently perform your pruning and other sawing tasks.

Chainsaw Maintenance of the Best Cheap Chainsaw

If you want to keep an eye on the rising issues before they arise, you should regularly maintain your equipment. To get the job done correctly, you need to do a thorough checkup of your saw before taking it to the working ground. What measures are necessary are discussed below.

Practice Proper Storage

Keeping your machine in a good place is vital to maintaining your chainsaw. If you want to keep the tool at the top of the game, ensure you take good care of it. After completing your sawing, store the machine in a dry place. Keeping it outdoors isn’t recommended. Plus, protect it from the sun to prevent UV embrittlement. Keeping it away from dust is also mandatory, so store it in a case or bag that protects it from dust.

Empty the Fuel Tank 

After work, empty the fuel tank in a well-ventilated area and remember to empty the carburetor first to prevent diaphragms from sticking together.

Regular Dismantling 

To keep the saw in perfect working order, you need to clean it out properly and so need the dismantling. To clean each part accurately, take them apart and do an excellent cleaning job on them to prevent them from damage. Also, apply mineral-grade oil to prevent corrosion.


Do you know why chainsaws require regular oil changes? Chainsaws are heavy-duty tools that can easily damage your hands or fingers if they aren’t properly maintained. Chainsaws are often used and exposed to extreme weather conditions and high dust levels. This means that chainsaws need frequent maintenance to run smoothly and safely.

Oil is essential because it helps prevent friction between moving parts. You’ll risk damaging your saw blade and other components if you don’t regularly change your chainsaw oil.

Usage of New Gas 

We all know gas chainsaws need more maintenance; using new gas fuel is very important to keep the machine in the correct working order. Leaving the gas for long periods used in the saw may cause blockage in the carburetor and may need to be fixed. Therefore you should only fill your device for 30 days to use fresh fuel to increase the lifespan of your tool. Another thing you can do to keep the fuel fresh for months is the addition of STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer in it.

Chain Sharpening

Chain sharpening is also necessary to do your job precisely. Regardless of the quality of your tool, if it goes dull one day, it needs to sharpen. Also, to avoid any inconvenience during work, check the sharpness of your chainsaw blade if required. It is a crucial maintenance step to keep the working process safe and quick. Full chainsaws may cause fatal damage and are very hazardous to use.

If you know the tricks of the trade and know how to sharpen a chainsaw, you can do it yourself. Otherwise, you can get help from an experienced person to maintain the chainsaw adequately.

FAQs on the Best Cheap Chainsaw

Are cheap Chinese chainsaws any good?

Cheap Chinese chainsaws are not a good option if you’re looking for a long-term investment for better performance and quality original brands worth more. However, if you do woodwork occasionally and have little challenging tasks, you can go for them.

How much should I spend on a chainsaw?

It depends on your cutting needs and, most notably, your budget. Generally, it may vary from 100$ to 500 homeowners need, and if you are a professional and want to do some tough cutting jobs, it may cost far more than it.

What’s the best chainsaw for the money?

In our list, the best chainsaw for the money is Husqvarna 120 Mark II. It has all functions that you may expect from a good chainsaw for cutting wood. Besides, Worx, Black + Decker, and Greenworks are good choices for serious yard cleaning and professional users.

Concluding Thoughts on the Best Cheap Chainsaw 

We hope you can get the best cheap chainsaw in your range. Here you can see a list of tools with various functions and price values, and you can choose according to your job and budget.

In our opinion, Husqvarna 120 Mark 2 is the best tool, with various beneficial features that will ease your workload and will boost your productivity. If you’re searching for pole saws, remember to check the Greenworks mini tool, which is easy to carry and beneficial for pruning high branches that remain out of reach with standard tools.

Our guide and review will help you make a fruitful decision, and if you enjoyed reading this review, don’t forget to share it on social media with your fellows.